"Put that past life behind you and move into a place of greater clarity, purpose and fulfillment."



        • February 26, 2021  |  12 - 4.30 PM EST

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        Get Absolute Clarity On What You Want to Create in the Next Year AND Make the Mindset Shifts Needed to Make It Happen... In Only Half a Day!

            The Only Event You Need to Explode into 2021 and Start Creating the Life You REALLY Want with Purpose and Fulfillment...

            I know you struggled in 2019.


            And again in 2020. 


            And I know the reason for that. 


            It wasn’t because you didn’t set big goals.


            It wasn’t because you didn’t have the motivation.


            It wasn’t because you didn’t have enough knowledge or the right skills.


            It wasn’t because of the pandemic and social distancing.


            It all came down to one thing: MINDSET.


            And it’s not only about KNOWING mindset; it’s having the tools and strategies to create effective and impactful change.


            Not only in your career or business, in ALL areas of your life.

            That’s why I’m inviting you to Powerful By Design, an amazing opportunity to lift the fog and radically shift your mindset.

            But more importantly so that you have less stress, more joy, more connection, more presence, and more confidence in life as you close the gap between who you are and who you know you're capable of becoming.

            I’m going to share with you the latest in cutting edge science, practical techniques, and mental technologies that quickly rewire your brain to create what you REALLY want with MUCH LESS resistance.

            We’re going to work together to dial in YOUR vision for the future so that it propels you forward, powerfully pulling towards the life you really want to live.


            We’re going to go deep as I share the knowledge and practices needed to lead with your vision and create a life of deep meaning, impact, and fulfillment.


            I’m going to teach you my step-by-step process to shape each area of your life so that you make 2021 your best year ever –– perfectly timed at the beginning of the year to set you up for success, so you don't have to worry about getting distracted or feeling lost.

            But most importantly, we are going to unlock YOU.

            Full Price: $297

            ($250 Off)

            ONLY $47!

            Powerful By Design is the Event for Ambitious Professionals Seeking MORE

            Here's a preview of what's in store...


            Get absolute clarity on what you want in life, why it's an absolute MUST for you, and create the necessary actions and habits to bring it into actuality.


            Access to new, powerful, and resourceful states enabling you to rise above your negative patterns and limiting beliefs that have held you back in the past.


            A renewed energy and passion to do whatever it takes to create the life you really want; pulled forward by your goals and fueled by your vision for the future.

            Full Price: $297

            ($250 Off)

            ONLY $47!

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            Because there's nothing more powerful than a connected community.

            Surrounding yourself with people who support you and encourage you to be your BEST is a catalyst for growth.


            Just imagine what could be possible if you create your own team of unstoppable support to keep you striving to play your game at the highest level, and to consistently show up as your best self?


            That’s what happens when you bring your "inner circle" to Powerful By Design Virtual Experience.


            Register now and you’ll get a COMPLIMENTARY TICKET to bring a friend, colleague, or partner to share the transformation experience alongside you!

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            Free Access to Devan's Mini Course

            CULTIVATING CALM AMONGST CHAOS ($37 value)

            Quick & easy ways to access your inner calm, no matter what.

            In the modern world that thrives on performance and strives for perfection, we are more overloaded and stressed than ever before.
            The truth is, we have at our disposal everything we need to navigate even the most demanding challenges. However, we haven't been given the information or taught how to access the necessary skills.
            With this course, you begin your journey toward becoming unshakable by life’s twists and turns.
            It's on us to equip ourselves with the knowledge and practices needed to remain calm, and navigate life’s challenges with grace.

            • BONUS #3:

            Free Copy of Devan's Best-Selling Book

            HOW TO ESCAPE FROM PRISON ($17 value)

            Break free from your emotional prison and live a full life.

            Many of us feel trapped in our lives, and especially so at work. We wake up each day dreading what we have to face. Our days run from crisis to crisis, fire drill to fire drill, and we can’t catch a break. It seems like there’s no way to escape.


            If you feel this way, you are living in a mental/emotional prison. But it doesn’t have to be this way. It really doesn’t! Everything you need to claim emotional freedom exists within you.


            The truth is, your feelings have nothing to do with the events and circumstances of your life. Your thoughts about them are fueling your sense of imprisonment. In fact, life isn’t about what happens to you, but how you choose to respond.


            In this book, you’ll discover that you already have at your disposal what you need to break free and live a full life – right now. You’ll learn the ten simple tools to make it happen.

            You get ALL of this for FREE when you get your ticket to Powerful By Design now!​

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                About Devan Bailey

                Devan is a personal development coach, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and creator of Powerful By Design.


                Devan teaches professionals how to intentionally create a "Mission-Driven Life" that allows them to massively grow their level of happiness and fulfillment while consciously designing a life that provides meaning to truly enjoy the journey.


                Using the principles he teaches, Devan went from being an international businessman with burnout, enduring a nervous breakdown, to a happy, fulfilled person running his own business.

                Devan is also the writer and creator of several high-impact books and courses such as How To Escape From Prison, and Secrets of the Emotional Ninja.


                His high-energy, from the heart, “cut-the-crap” style keeps his audiences engaged. He teaches using high involvement techniques and accelerated learning technologies so that participants learn faster, remember more, and achieve maximum results.

                How is Devan Different?

                What Do Others In the Industry Think?

                Lisa Zahiya

                Life & Entrepreneurship Coach

                "Having coached countless successful entrepreneurs and business owners, I can assure you that Devan has a unique ability to deliver profound information in an understandable way. In his incredibly inspiring and personal teaching, Devan gives you the key to greater happiness and freedom. The time to get it is now."

                Richard Thorpe

                Performance Coach

                "As a coach and entrepreneur myself, I know what it takes to make a difference and what I love most about Devan is how he puts his heart and soul into his work. As corny as it sounds, he cares deeply for others and that’s what enables him to help people create much-needed change in their lives."

                What People Are Saying About Learning From Devan Bailey

                "I want to share how grateful I am. I appreciate you and the work that you are doing. It’s very easy to understand -- things that I THOUGHT I already understood, I finally understand! The way you say things makes it so easy to understand and access. You are a genuine and reachable person. It makes it so accessible -- way more than before; way more than other courses I’ve taken! It’s easier to understand for everyone, and it gives you power."

                Irene Robertini

                "You have an incredibly calm yet powerful and eloquent delivery, in a practical and way. I believe so many will be able to relate and connect to. You have a unique way with being able to help people to take themselves and their situation for what it is, reenter themselves through some simple YET POWERFUL and PROVEN techniques to reshape their thinking and perception. You have an incredible way of just being you and being so effective. You're talking with someone, not at them or down to them, AT their level, not from a place like you're perfect or have it all figured out. The way you deliver your message comes from a place of authenticity. Your content and the way you communicate resonates so well and deeply with me."

                Dan Van Zandt

                "From my very first session with Devan, I knew that I was no longer alone, and I felt hopeful about my future. Through our weekly sessions Devan challenged my negative thinking, helped me identify my goals and provide me with tools to develop and follow through with an actionable plan. He brought things into focus for me that have made a real and positive impact on my well-being. Devan’s enthusiastic support, objective perspective and unique insight, broke through the walls I had built to ‘protect’ myself, and for the first time in a very long time I am excited about my professional goals and life. Thank you Devan!"

                Storm Styles

                "Devan is incredibly passionate about helping people find their 'true purpose' and living their life to the fullest. He is an attentive listener and intuitively asks questions to help uncover thinking or behaviors that may be preventing you from performing at your best. His business background coupled with a fascination for how people think and behave makes him uniquely positioned to work with busy career professionals. He is a coach who I am privileged to now call a friend."

                Emily Schmoker

                "Devan is one of the best listeners I have ever met. He asks questions that make you think and has so many great examples of issues that he has faced in his life. So much of the coaching he has given has resonated with me time and time again. His advice has helped me think of things in a different way to help achieve what I want from life. I am so appreciative that he came into my life."

                Carolyn Mourey

                Full Price: $297

                ($250 Off)

                ONLY $47!

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